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The day we complete your installation is the day we start the next phase of our relationship. That is when ARTcare begins – our remote and on-site support for your systems. It’s our responsibility to be sure all the bits and pieces that make up your business technology solution perform properly today, tomorrow, and for years to come. We treat your business as a critical operation, as if it were our own. We take care of system integrations, programming, software, networks, connectivity to your internet service; as well as diagnosis, troubleshooting, monitoring, updates and maintenance. Additionally, we schedule periodic health visits to clean, calibrate, update software and hardware, and run performance checks on your system.

ARTcare Performance Plans


Pre Incident

Billed Hourly

System Health

Price on request

All Included

Price on request

*After hours/holiday on-site service subject to availability at holiday/emergency hourly rates. Contingent on geographical service areas available. **Applies to equipment purchased at Artisan Systems only. ***Requires 72-business hour notice.

25 Point Wellness Checklist

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Frequently Asked Questions

We can now do most maintenance, updates, support and even system repairs remotely. If there’s a new update that would normally require visit to your location, we can often perform the maintenance right from our office without interrupting you or your team. This reduces time and expense for you and for us.
More than ever. We rarely replace hardware. But there are constant software updates, not only on what we installed, but on your mobile devices, streaming platforms and internet services.
As a break/fix client, you can choose to pay per incident by the hour, but won’t receive priority scheduling, extended hours or over a dozen other benefits. In fact, you’ll likely pay more than if you were on a plan.
Your manufacturer warranties are fully in effect.
Yes, we offer an annual agreement that automatically renews.
Our Performance Plans are paid monthly or yearly