Performance Plans

Which plan will you choose?

The installation of your new Technology System is complete and now it is time for you to enjoy. But we all know that technology isn’t perfect. Like everything in life, your new system will eventually need support. From user errors to resetting the system, upgrading the firmware or performing a diagnostic inspection to assess the health of the system, we have you covered.


We offer Advanced Onsite Support to all of our clients but clients who want a premium experience we created Performance Plans loaded with features such as:

  • Remote Monitoring and Support to proactively anticipate and address or to remotely resolve issues faster than scheduling an onsite appointment. 
  • Technology Health Checks with technicians onsite visually inspecting and cleaning your technology system.
  • Preferred Pricing on Labor for the time when Advanced Onsite Support is required.
  • Priority Scheduling for clients who value time sensitive Advanced Onsite Support.


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