Residential Solutions

“For a man’s house is his castle.”

-Sir Edward Coke, 1644

We understand that for each homeowner, their residence is their domain, their sanctuary, and their canvas.

Our homes display who we are, where we have been, and what we value. The message your home communicates is shared with everyone who enters the home, be it a guest, friend, family member, or even ourselves.

Your home has potential.

You have a vision.

We are here to bring your vision to life.

If you are looking for a unique Audio, Video, and Technology company that is eager to listen, offer creative ideas, and provide exclusive solutions for your desires you have found the right fit with Artisan Systems.

All we ask is for your active involvement in the design process and a commitment to only investing in your vision.

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Residential Services:

Smart Home Automation

All it takes is one button or one word and you can control your entire home from your couch or your yacht.

By collaborating with our project engineers, during the discovery process, you can go a step further and automate your control features so you can enjoy a sophisticated yet seamless experience of living at home.

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Home Surveillance

We understand safety and security are paramount priorities for our clients, their homes, and their businesses which is why when you choose to engage with Artisan Systems we co-design your surveillance system installation by beginning with a security questionnaire.

Surveillance Systems may also be designed to provide additional benefits such as delivery notifications and vendor accountability/scheduling such as pool cleaning, landscaping and janitorial services.

In order to achieve a successful surveillance system, your participation is required.

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Home Lighting Control / Motorized Shades

Do you want to watch a movie during the day?

Do you want to sleep in until it’s time for brunch?

Has jet lag thrown off your schedule?

Are you hosting an event?

Are you looking to set the mood for a date night?

A fully customized lighting solution with motorized shades will address and answer any of the questions described above.

Choosing Artisan Systems to design a lighting automation solution that compliments your lifestyle is the first step to a more intentional way of living.

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Home Audio Video

Do you have a vision for your estate’s audio, video, and technology systems?

You can have full home audio and video distribution systems controlled seamlessly by remote or multiple remotes that are standardized to operate the exact same if you wish.

You can turn your televisions into artwork when not in use.

You can play the same movie on every screen in the house at the same time from the same source.

You can simultaneously play different streaming services in separate rooms distributed from the same source.

We understand your options are unlimited which is why when you engage with Artisan Systems to co-design your Audio/Video and Technology system, we start with a 1-on-1 conversation with one of our experts who will listen to your needs and desires to ensure your priorities are achieved.

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Home Theater and Media Rooms

“Going to the movies” can be as simple and convenient as staying in and lounging in your media room or your private theater. Choosing Artisan Systems to develop your custom theater, allows you to be able to appreciate the comforts of your own home while enjoying the cinematic experience of a traditional movie theater with high-performance architectural speakers, crystal clear images, and plush comfortable seating.

Before you sit back and relax, let us help get the show started for you.

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Home Network

Lost connection.



Your internet is not connected. 

These are words and phrases that you don’t want or need to read when talking about your home network, especially when the number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices worldwide are projected to triple over the next decade*.

For most of our clients, maintaining premium connection speeds throughout your home, free of dead spots, is critical in handling the exponential increase of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

While it is optimal to design a home network during construction, our decades of experienced designers, engineers and installers replace and upgrade existing home networks on a regular basis.

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Home Office

Working at home is no longer a luxury. In today’s world, it is frequently an option and in certain situations, it may be a requirement.

Whether you work from home part-time or full time, our clients choose Artisan Systems because we co-design home office solutions that are intuitive to use and robust with features such as commercial grade teleconferencing.

Our team of designers works intricately with our clients to understand the logistics of what is needed to create a successful home office environment.

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Take our home office survey to determine what features you need for your home office.

Outdoor Entertainment Systems

Superior acoustic integration should not be reserved only for interior spaces rather a well-designed system will provide seamless visual and acoustic experiences throughout your estate.

Whether you are entertaining friends with a BBQ, watching the big game on a cool evening, or hosting a charitable event on the veranda,  your audio, video, and technology integrations need to reliably perform regardless of weather conditions or exterior influences/limitations.

If you would like to discuss the audio, video, and technology potential for your outdoor entertaining spaces with Artisan Systems please click here to begin the collaboration process.