Home Lighting Control

Do you want to highlight architectural elements?

Do you want to watch a movie during the day?

Do you want to sleep in until it’s time for brunch?

Has jet lag thrown off your schedule?

Are you hosting an event?

Are you looking to set the mood for a date night?

Are you seeking greater convenience?

Whether you are retrofitting one of your rooms, your home, or your building from scratch, a customized lighting solution that may or may not include motorized shades will address and answer any of the questions described above.

Controlling your custom lighting solution should be intuitive which is why during the design process you can choose one or more of the following control options:

  • Custom light switches with programming.
  • touch screens
  • handheld remote controls
  • handheld touchscreens
  • your smart devices
  • Your cell phone

Choosing Artisan Systems to design a lighting automation solution that compliments your lifestyle is the first step to living with intention (living on the “bright” side.)

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Centralized Lighting Control System

We can integrate the lights in your home to simplify the way you live. Keypads can control room and whole house lighting scenes by the touch of a button. Imagine you are having a party and just before the party starts you press a button and all the lights in your home turns on to predetermined levels, the shades raise, and your favorite Spotify channel starts playing music throughout the house. Then when the party is complete pressing a single button to turn all those lights and music back off. When you are ready to go to bed press a button to turn off all the lights in the house. Our experts work with you to determine how you live then create a lighting experience that is right for you.

You can also:

  • use your personal devices to control your home’s lighting from anywhere
  • create preset scenes that let you set the perfect atmosphere with the touch of a single button
  • Individually control the intensity of lights

Light-emitting diode (LED) light installation gives you even more illumination options than traditional bulbs. These lights produce a wide variety of colors to match any decor and include advanced intensity control settings that promote a healthier circadian rhythm. They are also energy efficient and can be retrofitted to almost any indoor or outdoor space.