Bill Aziz
President and CEO

Bill Aziz earned his degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto which led to a successful career with Honeywell until 2004 when he became the owner and Managing Director of Artisan Systems.  

His unique ability to simplify complex solutions has influenced Artisan Systems core value #1: “delivering an extraordinary client experience”. 

During his 18 years of experience in the A/V business, Bill has orchestrated the growth of Artisan Systems by building a team that is focused on “listening to clients first” and always acting with integrity. 

Outside of work, Bill spends his time with his family (wife, 3 children and their dog Prince), reading (The Economist is his favorite), playing card games with friends and family, Sudoku, and traveling. 

Joe Bakutis
VP of Commercial Division

Joe Bakutis has 30 years of experience in the AV industry and his leadership speaks for itself as clients and employees follow him wherever he goes. Joe prides himself on developing his employees with the skills and knowledge to provide high quality and friendly service to clients of Artisan Systems.  

When employees have questions, they naturally gravitate towards Joe with his well-respected background. Employees know Joe has a promising idea how to handle almost every challenge that arises from operations to sales to service. When you hear silence, or laughter in the office, there is a good chance Joe is nearby instructing or offering a lighthearted perspective to employees or clients. 

One of Joe’s greatest accomplishments in his professional career is seeing people he has trained and mentored become successful in their professional and personal lives. 

Joe is a family man who cares about fostering children and taking care of our Veterans. 

On the weekend, Joe and the family enjoy camping, fishing, and watching sports. 

Born on the East Coast, Joy is a loyal Red Sox and New England Patriot fan, however living in Arizona most of his life he is very passionate towards all Arizona sports teams. 

Mark James
VP of Residential Division

Mark James has been involved in the AV industry for 22 years helping clients find technology solutions that meet their specific needs and desires within their budget.  

Mark has experience working in almost every position in the AV industry which has enabled him to communicate with clients and employees in a relatable fashion about technical and specific details for projects of Artisan Systems. Mark feels most rewarded when his employees overcome personal and professional challenges.  

Mark spends his weekends cooking and cheering on the Arizona Cardinals and the Phoenix Suns with his wife, children and family pets which includes five dogs, a fish and their lizard, Lizzy!