Yasmine Shammas
Office Administrator

Yasmines’ primary responsibilities involve Office Administration and client services. After 5 years in the A/V industry, Yasmine continues to supply dependability and an individualized touch of warmth to Artisan’s clients. Having studied in France at the Sorbonne University, Yasmine is fluent in 4 languages highlighting a unique and special element to her office management and service for Artisan’s clients.  

Yasmine is passionate about education for children and empowering women around the world. Outside of the office you may find her enjoying tennis, learning new skills, cooking new recipes and listening to music but no matter where she is, you will recognize her by her joyful smile. 

Graham Rioux
Residential Project Manager

After 24 years in the AV industry Graham has seen almost everything (and is still learning) and successfully managed hundreds of projects but you would never know it because he is one of the humblest professionals you will ever meet. 

Graham loves his career for many reasons, but his top two reasons are: 

  1. The opportunity to take part in the transformation of a project from start to finish.
  2. The joy and appreciation of his clients when they experience the solutions for the first time.

Holding several AV certifications, Graham’s ability to effectively manage a project comes not only to benefit the clients of Artisan Systems but also benefit Christ Church Peoria where Graham has volunteered on the Production team mixing sound for the last six years. 

As one of the hardest working and most dependable professionals in the industry, Graham's successes receive regular praise from clients and colleagues, which in his humble nature, are often redirected and credited towards his faith and family.  

Greg Robinson
Executive Account Manager

With more than 25 years of experience in the A/V industry, there is no wonder why Greg’s professionalism, integrity and fairness garners him stacks of reference letters.  

With an impressive history of commercial A/V projects, Greg believes one of the most rewarding projects he successfully managed was the State Farm high-rises at Marina Heights in Tempe, Arizona. Greg’s secret to success is to supply the best service for clients and to have a positive and open mind when communicating with different contracting teams. 

When asked, “What do you want to do before you die?”, Greg’s answer was simple, “Live!”.  

Living is exactly what Greg appears to be doing at work by overdelivering for clients and after work when playing drums in his contemporary jazz band, flying the skies with his commercial pilot's license or riding his motorcycle throughout Arizona.  

Todd Phillips
Project Manager and On-Site Specialist

Todd has 14 years of experience in the A/V Industry including CTS-I, OSHA 30, Crestron P101, Q-SYS Level 1 certifications. Todd credits his detail-oriented approach to project management as one of the key reasons for a project's success.  

Todd’s passion for delivering high quality projects benefits clients of Artisan Systems with seamless experiences during each phase of the project including post installation. 

On the weekends, Todd enjoys spending time with his family, working around the house and winning neighborhood holiday light competitions. 

Luis Hernandez
Service Manager

Luis has been joyfully providing customer service and resolving technical issues in the A/V industry for 15 years. Luis holds several certifications such as, CEDIA Level Two Certified, Control 4 Certified, Elan Certified, Lutron Certified, Crestron Home Certified, URC Certified, and OnQ structure wiring Certified, in addition to a Bachelor of Science degree from Arizona State University.  

Passionate about innovation and doing things right, Luis keeps an open mind to providing the best customer experiences.  

Luis’s advanced technical skillset, friendly demeanor, and commitment to providing the best service to clients of Artisan Systems are several reasons why clients frequently request Luis specifically when they need technical assistance. 

In his free time, Luis enjoys golfing, playing soccer, volunteering at his church and traveling with his family. 

Codie Davis
Project Manager

With five years of A/V experience, Codie’s artisanship and neatness with equipment installation is demonstrated at every project for clients of Artisan Systems. 

Codie currently holds several A/V industry certifications such as OSHA 30, CTS, Crestron Fundamentals Commercial, Crestron Toolbox, Ramset, Avixa and Elan. 

Codies' hard-working attitude and kindhearted nature on project sites is echoed in his personal life where he volunteers at church and local events to promote awareness and support for children with cancer. 

Outside of work you will likely find Codie playing sports, going for long drives in his Corvette and spending time with his family. 

Richard Walker
Lead Service Technician

Richard has over 20 years of experience solving problems in the A/V industry. His knack for diagnosing and repairing failed electronics is unmatched. 

Richard holds the most industry specific certifications in the office including Crestron Programming, ISF, Control4, Savant, Lutron, URC, QSC, and Biamp, which designates Richard as the go-to in the office for tricky technical issues. 

The constantly changing landscape of his workday keeps him excited to learn and solve technical issues for clients of Artisan Systems. Richard is frequently complimented by clients on his dedication to problem solving, his industry knowledge and his candor.  

Guadalupe Hidalgo
Lead Technician

Guadalupe has 16 years of experience designing, installing and servicing Low Voltage systems. Clients of Artisan Systems enjoy working with Guadalupe for his knowledge, his positivity and warm smile which consistently delivers a successful outcome for any project he works on. 

Guadalupe enjoys staying active, cooking, and grilling BBQ with his family. 

Ian Eisemann
Lead Technician

Ian has earned his bachelor’s degree in Recording Engineering from CSU Chico and has several Radio RA2 certifications. His educational background has equipped him with the unique skills to quickly find and isolate networks and communication issues to service clients of Artisan Systems. Installing A/V racks with his co-workers is one of Ian’s favorite tasks on project sites.  

 Ian is an avid musician and singer/song writer who has played guitar in many different bands over the years. 

 Ian is passionate about water conservation, BBQing, skiing, and making pancakes on a Sunday morning.

Guadalupe Hidalgo JR
Install Technician

Guadalupe Jr., (who goes by L. J.) has been a valuable addition to the Artisan Systems team of technicians. L.J.’s ability to learn quickly, (as demonstrated in his pursuit of several A/V certifications), allows him to approach each day with an eagerness to overcome new challenges on projects. L.J. is fluent with English and Spanish, which allows him to effectively communicate with other contractors and clients when needed.  

For leisure, L.J. enjoys DJ’ing, walking his two dogs, Milo and Nova, and spending time with his friends. 

Micahael Walker
Install Technician

Over the last three years, Michael's passion for music and his unique ability to hear acute sounds complements his work with Artisan Systems when tasked with resolving communication problems discrepancies among multiple sources of audio. Michael’s arduous work and focus on safety has earned him prior recognition as employee of the month. 

Michael, a fan of Martin Luther King, who supports women's rights and equality strives to make a positive difference whenever opportunity presents itself. 

Michael is passionate about music, outdoor activities, cooking and understanding people and can often be found camping with his dog Nala on the weekends. 

Beau Bellegraph
Sr. Software Engineer

Beau has been working in the A/V industry for 14 years and is known for his passion and understanding of the client's user experience (UX). As a certified Crestron Programmer, he skillfully applies his attention to detail when designing software solutions for clients of Artisan Systems.  

Bassam Bashouri
Commercial Account Manager

Before joining Artisan Systems, Bassam’s engineering background and MBA gave him the tools to excel as the business planning manager of a $1.5 billion dollar company. For the last 8 years, Bassam’s detailed orientated work estimating projects have successfully supported the sales team, allowing the organization to continue delivering an accurate scope of work for clients of Artisan Systems. 

Bassam enjoys spending time with his family, grilling, going for long walks and drinking tea.

Braydon Perkins
Design Engineer

Braydon has spent the last seven years solving problems for clients of Artisan Systems. Braydon’s ability to foresee potential issues makes him a valuable part of the design team. Braydon is close to finishing his bachelor's degree in Aviation and is preparing to begin his CTS certifications. 

Braydon is a high achiever who prides himself on personal and professional growth and admires individuals with leadership such as Jocko Willink. Some of Braydon’s recent achievements are securing his dual rated commercial pilots license and his triple rated flight instructor's license.  

Braydon is a dedicated supporter of Operation Underground Railroad which focuses on preventing child sex trafficking.  

Braydon enjoys flying, hunting, camping and spending time with his family with and their Australian Shepherd, Tripp. 

Andy Thun
Software Development and IT Specialist

Andy earned his associates degree in Electronics and Computer Technology. Andy handles supporting technical issues for clients and employees of Artisan Systems. If there is hardware or software that is not working properly, Andy is the first employee to review the issue and solve the problem. 

Andy enjoys watching movies, trying new coffee beans and scuba diving when he gets the chance. 

Laura Gallup
Finance and HR Director

Laura has 20 years of experience in Finance and HR. Laura’s dedication to getting her work done accurately and ahead of schedule plays a critical, supporting role for the leadership of Artisan Systems. 

Laura, who cares deeply about humanity and its future development, is thankful for the opportunity to positively affect others with her work.